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Hassle-Free Purchase Experience

The My EV Charger Home Bundle presents EV drivers with a unique and hassle-free purchase experience, revolutionary to the automobile industry.

Do you suffer from range anxiety? Not sure where to start your research on all the different types of home chargers available in the market? Don’t understand how to qualify for incentives rebates?

If you are plagued by any of the concerns above, or others not listed, then the My EV Charger Home Bundle is your answer.

The Home Bundle presents the consumer with a premier level 2 EV smart home charger with certified installation by a licensed and bonded electrical company. A dedicated and customizable user-friendly app that is easy to use by even the least technologically capable among us.

Unsure of how to qualify for those incentives, rebates and tax credits you were told about while purchasing your EV? No problem, as a Home Bundle owner you have 24/7 access to our website where our incentives and rebate link will walk you through the process of how to submit the appropriate documents to recoup available funds.

Join the revolution of change and never worry again about where or how long to charge your EV. The Home Bundle removes the stress and allows consumers the opportunity to charge their EV whenever it’s convenient for them.

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Our mission at My EV Charger is to improve the EV driving and charging experiences in everyday home application settings. This will ensure effective integration of your EV for our clean energy future.